Additional On-Campus Resources

Helping Individuals at Risk

A centralized place where staff, students and faculty can report At Risk Behaviour. The HIAR team will:

  • Provide assistance to individuals at risk of harming themselves or others, before a situation escalates. 
  • Facilitate early identification of At Risk Behaviour.
  • Provide a confidential, centralized location for reports of At Risk Behavior to be received and consolidated. 

Student Success Centre
2-300 SUB, University of Alberta

Professional support to help students strengthen their academic skills and achieve their academic goals.

Student Accessibility Services
SUB 1-80, University of Alberta

Student Accessibility Services promotes an accessible, inclusive, and universally designed environment at the University of Alberta. Individuals with documented disabilities are connected to the resources and supports needed to achieve full potential. We serve prospective and current students, as well as staff and faculty with disabilities affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health.

U of A Career Centre
2-100 SUB, University of Alberta

The U of A Career Centre provides comprehensive services in career planning and work search to assist University departments, faculties, students and alumni. 

Office of the Student Ombuds
2-702 SUB, University of Alberta

The Office of the Student Ombuds is a resource for students and other members of the University community who have academic or non-academic problems but are unsure of how to solve them. They provide clients with information on University policy, referrals to appropriate departments or services, and advice on what options and courses of action are open to them. They also provide mediation services and support to individuals in appeals to their respective faculties, the General Faculties Council, and the University Appeal Board.

Aboriginal Student Services Centre
780 492-5677
2-400 SUB, University of Alberta

Offers many services to Indigenous students from the Transition Year Program, help with scholarships and funding, housing support, student advising, Elder services, cultural connections, a smudge room, and social work support.

International Student Services

The International Student Services team — at the International Centre — provides events and programming to help international students accomplish their academic and personal goals, plus share their knowledge and experiences with campus and off-campus communities.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list. For more resources, please contact us or call 211.