One conversation can make all the difference in the life of a student — Unitea provides opportunities for these conversations to happen. Launched in Fall 2016, Unitea connects students with trained Unitea hosts to engage in conversation over a free cup of tea. The program will be available for students at both North and Augustana campuses.

How it Works

Unitea is simple — a student signs up online for a tea time with a Unitea host, who is a student volunteer, both meet at a specified location, and they enjoy a hot beverage from one of our participating partners. Learn about what to expect

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Pop-up Tea Parties

Over the course of the academic year, student volunteers will host "tea parties" at different campus locations to reach out and connect with groups of students, engaging in purposeful conversations.

Unitea Hosts

Unitea hosts are the cornerstone of the program and are genuinely interested in meeting and talking with their peers over tea or coffee. Unitea hosts are certified in the Community Helpers program and suicide prevention and gatekeeper training - Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

Connect with Unitea

Questions about the Unitea program? Email us at unitea@ualberta.ca.

Community Supports


If you are in distress or immediate risk of harm to self or others, contact 911 or University of Alberta Protective Services at 780-492-5050.

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