Blue Monday

January 16, 2017: Blue Monday

This day is said to be the most depressing day of the year given a variety of factors—weather, debt, time after Christmas, low motivation, etc. We've compiled a number of tips and events to help fight sadness during this day and the winter months generally to help you feel more positive. 

Upcoming Events

January 15, 2017
Attend the Lisztomania concert to enjoy the therapeutic power of music and support mental health initiatives at the University of Alberta.

January 16, 2017

  • 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Visit the Blue Monday Resources Station on Social Street in Van Vilet Complex, hosted by Campus and Community Recreation
  • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.: Warm up by the fire in main quad with the Interfaith Chaplains Association
  • 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.: Learn time management strategies in the Cameron Library Nook with the U of A Ambassadors
  • 12 - 3 p.m.: Contribute to the Mandala Quilt Community Art Project in the PLC Lounge in CCIS with the Healthy Campus Unit
  • Contribute to the Self Care Spiral Community Art Project in HUB Mall with (time TBD)
  • Learn about suicide prevention and self-care with the Peer Support Centre (time and location TBD)

Winter Weather

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression or seasonal depression, is a mood disorder subset in which people with flourishing mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in the winter.

  • If you are already active, try to maintain or increase your level of physical activity. Check out the 2017 Winter Program Guide for ideas.
  • Exercise outdoors during daylight hours. If indoors, exercise by a window.
  • Build activity into your lifestyle, for example, by taking the stairs or public transit and walking part of the way to work.
  • Check out University of Alberta libraries for locations with Light Therapy Lamps and get your Vitamin D while you study!
  • Get outside! Learn to Snowshoe and Recreational Runner are free workshops you can take to learn a new skill.



Academic Self-Care

Free, Highly Rated Self Care Apps

Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • SAD Alarm Light


  • Productive Habits & Daily Goals Tracker
  • Bloom* Daily Inspiration
  • Balanced: Well-being Coach


  • Insight Timer Meditation
  • Headspace (Treat Your Head Right) Guided Meditations
  • Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better
  • Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by 10% Happier
  • Deep Calm
  • OMG. I can Meditate! 

Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Take a Break!: Guided Meditations for Stress Relief
  • Complete Relaxation: Guided Meditation for Anxiety 
  • thinkFull Stress Management
  • Voodoo Magic – Anger Relief


  • Color Therapy Free Adult Coloring Book
  • Mandala Coloring Book
  • Secret Coloring Book – Free Anxiety Stress Relief
  • TaoMix – Create Your Own Relaxing Ambience


  • SuperBetter


  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Daily Yoga
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Simply Yoga Free 
  • Map My Walk 
  • Runtastic


  • Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance 
  • Fudget: Budget Planner & Personal Finance Tracker


  • Calendars by Readdle – Event and Task Manager
  • Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks


  • Secret Diary With Lock
  • Inkflow Visual Notebook
  • My Wonderful Days Lite: Private Daily Journal

Exercise Your Brain

  • Lumosity
  • Learn Languages for Free
  • Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone