Our Vision:

We envision a campus where resiliency and a sense of connection are fostered and celebrated.

Our Mission:

Through preventative action we engage with partners from campus and surrounding area to strengthen capacity, provide bridges to resources, and advocate for greater inclusivity.

Our Guiding Principles:

In supporting the University of Alberta’s mission and four cornerstones, our work with students is rooted in the following five principles:

Community — We promote a perspective where community voices and knowledge are imperative to the process of collaboration, the development of meaningful relationships and the building of community capacity.

Balance — As social workers, we are committed to integrating a holistic understanding of well-being in supporting the success of those that we work with.

Creativity — We value experiences that foster critical thinking, curiosity and inspiring ways of doing, being, and thinking.

Social Justice — We are advocates for social justice working with allies in the community to move the greater campus further towards equality and social change.

Citizenship — As stewards of our university we all have the responsibility to purposefully engage within the policies and structures of our environment to foster collective action and caring communities.