Our Influences

We look to the world around us — locally, nationally, and internationally — for inspiration and ideas to help inform the work that we do. 


The ABCD Toolkit
Asset-based community work is a framework that can help guide community members to make a difference in their communities. If there is a need in the community, this framework can help people figure out how to address the need.

The Community Tool Box
Community Tool Box is a community building resource by the University of Kansas with a variety of ideas, strategies, and frameworks to identify needs, strengths, stakeholders, and ways to build and strengthen communities.


Create a Balanced Life
The term “balance” often seems intangible and, at times, trying to incorporate a more balanced life can increase stress levels. This resource highlights some practical tips in one’s journey towards balance.

Not Myself Today
It's important to share with others that you aren't feeling yourself and understanding that we don't always need to be 'on' and 'our best-selves'. Sometimes being our best-self is being authentic and showing up as we are and not as we think others want us to be.


Take a Seat? Make a Friend!
This video was a big inspiration for us in our early days, so much so that we created our own ball pit! Yes, our very own ball pit! Students here at the U of A loved it.

Artists who don't see lines as boundaries
Pieces of art on regular lined paper that think beyond the confines of the page.

Social Justice

5 Inspiring Times Someone Just Like You Stood Up for Social Justice
From Brazil to India - individuals are making a difference locally by speaking out on social justice issues such as corruption, violence against women, air pollution, safe and equitable workplace practices, and protecting small-scale farmers. These local actions are powerful examples of individuals coming together to initiate major social, political and economic changes having an impact on global scale.


Call to Action: Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission highlighted a Call to Action to all Canadian citizens. As citizens we have an opportunity to impact the health of our communities through awareness and active change.

Kid President - Pep Talk
"We're all on the same team!" Citizenship is about bringing your gifts, talents, and uniqueness to the local team (where your sphere of influence is) and to the global team. Kid President’s asks “What will you create to make the world awesome?”

Loneliness and Social Connection

The Age of Loneliness
Illustrating the loneliness and isolation that exists in our "more connected" world, this article discusses how our lack of connection is destroying our health and well-being. 

Illustration of Loneliness
A video explanation of our fundamental need for connection and how, in Western culture where we are more connected than ever via technology, we have never felt so alone.

How to Make Stress Your Friend
Kelly McGonigal discusses the impact of how we view stress and how, in times of stress, we need to reach out for support and connection.

Other Inspiration

I had a black dog, his name was depression
This video provides us with a powerful tool in understanding the language and feelings one can experience with depression.

Instructions For A Bad Day
A great reminder to remember that, even on the worst of days, tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.