About Us

Overseen by the Office of the Dean of Students, the Community Social Work Team provides support to students of all ages, groups, backgrounds, and income levels in becoming connected to each other, the campus community, and resources both on and off campus.

The CSW team facilitates presentations, training sessions, and community events to bring students together, build community, decrease loneliness and build capacity that will assist during their time on campus and afterwards.

Our Areas of Work:

  1. Community Education — promote and facilitate learning and development opportunities for student, staff, and faculty
  2. Community Building — identify and strengthen existing assets within the community 
  3. Community Outreach and Resource — connecting community members to services and resources 
  4. Community Advocacy — assisting community members navigate systems and become self-advocates

We live in a very reactive culture. Preventative work ensures that costs — financial and otherwise — are minimized down the road. We draw upon community practice principles to improve the campus well-being through fostering connections and resiliency among campus community members. For us, this involves identifying personal strengths, fostering interpersonal relationships and creating healthy communities. To meet campus needs, we aim to identify existing assets and then respond to community issues using these strengths as a starting point.

According to the University of Alberta’s NCHA-II report released in 2013:

*50.2% of respondents felt things were hopeless
*62.5% of respondents felt very lonely at any point in the last 12 months
*67.7 % of respondents felt very sad in the past 12 months
*17.5% felt so depressed it was difficult to function in the last 12 months
*5.3% seriously considered suicide in the past 12 months
*0.7% attempted suicide in the past 12 months.